2018-6-19 16:40:49
In accordance withthe modern trendsin home acquisitions, smart homes are becoming more and more popular as days go by especially in the developed nations like the United States. As a matter of fact, having them is no longer an exception as before but a necessity for a great number of aspiring homeowners.
And needless to say, anything growing in popularity is likely to be more desirable than its alternatives. This is true for smart homes due to their advanced technology when compared to ordinary/conventional homes. But why is this so? Provided below are some of the reasons credited for their popularity and why you should embrace the new technology and get a smart home.
1. Provide more safety and are affordable to secure
Apparently, a smart home is unmatched when it comes to safety. Due to many sensors and live feed cameras in most parts of the home, it’s possible to keep track of everything that is going on in the entire home even when you’re away.
For instance, one of the features is a smoke detector which can warn you of any fire in your home so that you can take the necessary measures. Furthermore, some security services are offered such as the said cameras together with recording capabilities, hence no need for paying for separate security services. This is one of the most desirable features one may need in a home.
2. Utility bills can be minimized
In ordinary houses, among the expenses that can often prove burdensome are the utility bills such as electricity bills. However with a smart home, you’re able to control how these are utilized and possibly reduce anywastage of energyas well as other resources, ultimately reducing these bills.
One of the ways to do this is that whenever there’s no one at your home, your smart phone can detect this and automatically turn off any lights or household appliances, such as the TV, that are on.
3. What’s in your garage will always be safe?
Having left your home in a hurry, it’s possible to realize that you had not closed your garage door. If it was an ordinary house, this realization can be worrisome for obvious reasons. However, a smart home is able to sense your absence after leaving and automatically close the garage door behind you. Moreover, you can even close it by just tapping a button from wherever you are. A smart thermostatis avery good example to this.
4. Can make your life easier and more convenient?
While in ordinary houses, you’ll need to physically move from one place to another to do some activities such as turning off lights. This can be tiresome and even cause discomfort at times. Nonetheless, this is not the case with smart homes whereby you can do that (and more) at the comfort of your bed, chair or a far place by just using smart lights. These and other similar features incorporated in the smart home systems, such as accessibility technologies for the elderly or disabled persons, can make your life much easier.
5. Home monitoring made possible
With the already mentioned sensors and cameras, it’s possible to monitor your particular home from any part of the world to know what’s happening in it. As if this is not enough, there’s a website, an app or preset automated rules with which you can manually control most things in your home as you see fit.
6. You can prevent possible disasters while away
Among the most common disasters in homes are those caused by water damage and repairing them can be very costly. In a smart home, you can be notified of such impending disasters by receiving alerts of a water leak, for instance, before escalating into a disaster. You can then take appropriate measures to prevent it from costing you along the way.
7. You can train the house objects to react as you desire
Another possibility in smart homes that may appear bizarre to some people is the fact that it’s possible to “teach” the connected objects in your smart house to work together and react to your preferences and routines. For instance, you can train the lights to instantly turn on and even follow you in your movement inside the house and many other similar possibilities.
8. Forgetting house keys no longer an issue
Often times, you may forget your valuables such as a wallet or house keys in your house which would normally be of great concern. With a Smart home, this worry is eliminated since with your Smartphone, you can cause your door to unlock automatically as you near the house by means of thegeofencing technologyprovided. So with this feature, you’re guaranteed to never be locked out of your house for whatever reasons. And what else can someone prefer than this!
9. You can ensure the protection of your children and delicate commodities
When you’re away from home, one of the worries that may be bothering your mind has to do with the safety of your children. You’re likely to be constantly worried for their welfare; whether or not they’ve touched or accessed things that may be hazardous for them such as medicine drawers or gun cases.
This however, doesn’t have to be the case with a smart home. In fact, the house system is able to monitor and secure such off-limit and dangerous areas and ensure you get immediate alerts could such things happen.
10. A desirable resale value
At any point you may intend to sell your smart home, you’ll certainly have plenty of selling points to help bargain on the best price possible. Due to the many automated systems in the smart home, it’s possible for it to command a higher selling price than a conventional house. Therefore, other than the advantages stated above, having a smart home can instill some confidence and hope in you in that could you wish to put it on the market, you’ll make a great fortune out of it.